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A500 wont boot

Valued Contributor

Re: A500 wont boot

That means it does not see any os on your hard drive.If you have os on it did you move the drive to another slot.If you moved your hard drive the path it looks for to boot up is wrong.Or something happened to your hard drive.At the main menu type in sea to search for the drive.When it finds it type in bo then p1 or p2 where it shows your drive then it should boot up.If this does not work then you may need to replace the drive or try to reload the os.

Re: A500 wont boot

Wow that was quick. Actually I dont have any hard drives in the machine right now. I work for a small company. Our clients are saying that THD LV2 rejected STUXSH02 due to many chasis errors. I dont see any other errors other than that. Is there any other way to check logs or fix this problems.