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A5230A Serial Number?

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A5230A Serial Number?

Is there any way possible to determine the serial number of a A52350A PCI Singel-port 100BaseTX LAN card via either GSP/MP or ctm?
I'm having no luck, and I hate the thought of taking a server outage to find the "missing cards".


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Steven E. Protter
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Re: A5230A Serial Number?

If its in a system, try the lanscan command.

That will give its MAC address which is unique.

The serial number should be on your hardware service contract if you have one.

Otherwise, get a flashlight, you are going to have to look at the card physically.

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Patrick Wallek
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Re: A5230A Serial Number?

I just started xstm on one of my machines and looked at a couple of cards. There was no card serial number listed for either of them (1 FC and 1 NIC). I think you are out of luck, unfortunately.
Eugeny Brychkov
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Re: A5230A Serial Number?

As Patrick mentioned start xstm/mstm and get information not for card, but for the first item appeared in the list - system. You will find a lot interesting information there including DIMMs serial numbers :) If you'll be lucky you'll get such info for this LAN card also
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Re: A5230A Serial Number?

Hi Vincent,

I have used the cstm. I have a L-Class server with internal Core-Lan Card.
On the LAN-Card itself I did not found any Serial Number but as I choosed the system I got somthing like this.

FRU Name.............: LAN_SCSI_CORE_IO 0x4c414e5f 53435349 5f434f52 455f494f
Part Number..........: A5191-60211 0x41353139 312d3630 323131
Serial Number........: 52SSKQ347A

That seems something you looking for.

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