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A6862AXU 62001, Cell board setup, 4 PA8700

Milo Petrovic
Occasional Visitor

A6862AXU 62001, Cell board setup, 4 PA8700

Hello list,

I'm looking for more than one article of information I found of I abondament expected documentation about HP A6862A, Cell board setup, 4 PA8700.

I have not too much luck! I don't know were to look as I've tryed too many things.

Information that I found is also confusing, whether people tolk differently for the same thing of there are different things said but I don't see fortune to see differences. As for exemple: when it is said that A6862A is an PA87+ but I understand that is not. Am I right? Then, ...there are ...875MHz CPUs and ...1GHz CPUs on those boards. which one is mine? Man tolks about, Alpha, Digital DEC, then 9000 serie and then about SuperDome serie. Which is mine? I only need HP A6862A and want to receive only this one. But can't! Oh there are ...another troubleshooting problems on, and so ...on.

To conclude my truble is ...desesperate.

Thanks for eclaircisements!

Bjoern Gothe_1
Occasional Advisor

Re: A6862AXU 62001, Cell board setup, 4 PA8700

Hi Milo,

the A6862A is a cell board containing 4 PA8700 875 MHz CPUs for a HP9000 Superdome.

You can get such a cell board to expand your Superdome server up to 8 cells per cabinet. A maximum of 2 cabinets is possible.

This update is available by your sales rep.

Regards, Bjoern