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Can anyone tell me if this proc will work on both types of cell boards for the superdome?
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Re: AB367A

Based on the sx2000 chipset white paper at , support for PA8900 on the sx2000 chipset is planned. I am not sure if
the support is added by HP now . You might want to contact HP support on this to confirm.

As per the Integrity quickspecs which says
"HP Integrity sx1000 Superdome also supports mixing the Itanium 2 1.6 GHz processor, PA 8800 and PA 8900 processors in the same system, but on different partitions, again only with the same chipset, sx1000 or sx2000." which I find is vogue.

sx1000 chipset does support PA8900 processor.

On Integrity Superdome, mixing of sx1000 and sx2000 based cell boards are not allowed.

If the support for PA8900 on sx2000 chipset is not added by HP yet, then the answer to your question is, PA8900 will ONLY work with sx1000 chipset based cell boards.
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Re: AB367A

Thank you for your help