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Accessing rp3440 maintenance console from HPUX


Accessing rp3440 maintenance console from HPUX

On the old L-class systems, there used to be a way to connect to the GSP via creating a couple of device nodes and connecting to it via "cu". I have a customer with an rp3440 that can't seem to find the MAC address sticker for the MP on the box, so I'd like to make the LAN configurations to the maintenance processor myself. Is this still doable? I've connected to all the /dev/tty1p* devices and get absolutely nothing back.

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Re: Accessing rp3440 maintenance console from HPUX

Not possible. Even for the L-Class this was limited to the old GSP version in combination with a very old firmware.
This no longer works for the L-class with newer firmware and it never works for the rp34x0.

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Re: Accessing rp3440 maintenance console from HPUX

Your subject line is a bit broader than your
description ... so, going with the subject...

you should be able to telnet from HP-UX
to the GSP on an rp3440 (I think :) ...
I can do it on an rp2470. You have to plug
a network cable into the management LAN RJ45
port, and assign it an IP address.

Example login:

(ozma) /tmp: telnet ozmacon

Connected to ozmacon.hp.com.
Escape character is '^]'.
Local flow control off

Service Processor login: