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Add memory on L2000 A5191A

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Add memory on L2000 A5191A

I want to add memory on L2000 A5191A.
What module can I purchase,and is there model number or part number?
Zygmunt Krawczyk
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Re: Add memory on L2000 A5191A

Memory modules for L2000 (current name rp5450):

A5554A 256MB memory module (2x128MB DIMMs)
A5797A 512MB memory module (2x256MB DIMMs)
A5798A 1GB memory module (2x512MB DIMMs)
A6115A 2GB memory module (2x1GB DIMMs)
Adisuria Wangsadinata_1
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Re: Add memory on L2000 A5191A


You need to check it first with mstm, the available memory slot on your system.

# mstm

scroll down > highlight MEMORY with space bar > tools > information > run

The memory slot on L2000 is 16 slot (each memory carrier have 8 slot).

And here is the part number of memory for L2000 (A5191A) :


Use this partsurfer to check other parts :


Hope this information can help you.

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Re: Add memory on L2000 A5191A

Everytime you want to know about a module, go to : www.partsurfer.hp.com, put the model number or part number and then select from a parts list.
Also if you want to know information about memory, you can use :
echo " selclass qualifier memory;info;wait;infolog " | cstm

Hope this helps.

Jesse Dougherty
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Re: Add memory on L2000 A5191A

these prices are a few months old but this is what HP charged for their remarketed memory in Jan 2005:

A5797A 512MB - $1,300.00
A5798A 1GB - $1,615.00
A6114A 2GB - $1,904.00

you should also be able to find them at any HP reseller.

Hope this helps

Cypress Technology Inc
Patrick Wallek
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Re: Add memory on L2000 A5191A

You can also get 3rd party RAM for almost all HP9000 machines.

Here is Crucial RAM for an L2000:

Here is Kingston RAM for an L2000:

I have used both in machines and have had very good luck. As far as I know, both Kingston and Crucial have lifetime warranties on the RAM.
Ted Buis
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Re: Add memory on L2000 A5191A

You could have an L2000 with a single memory carrier, so be sure to confirm that you have two, before you go beyond the 8 slots.
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Zygmunt Krawczyk
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Re: Add memory on L2000 A5191A

L2000 has no memory carriers, it has all 16 memory slots integrated on main board. Later models (L3000, rp5430, rp5470) have memory carriers.
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Re: Add memory on L2000 A5191A

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