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Adding 4th CPU to rp5450

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Adding 4th CPU to rp5450

We have a rp5450 server that currently houses (3) 550 MHZ CPUs. We recently purchased (2) CPUs from a vendor to upgrade our server to a fourth CPU. Each time we have tried to install the fourth CPU, the system hangs without any response.

Here are several things that we have tried:
Verified that Switch S1 has the following settings: 1 ? off, 2 ? off, 3 ? on, 4 off & 5 ? on.
Changed out the PSM 1 module with one that the vendor sent.
Swapped CPU positions with a known good CPU and slot.

The part numbers of the original CPUs and the upgrade/purchased CPUs are the same, A6146-04001 550 MHZ A-4025. The only difference between the two types of CPUs is on the first line of the tag. The serial number and a 4 digit number.

Original CPU:
Puerto Rico 4211
A6146-4001 550 MHZ A-4025

Both purchased CPUs:
< serial number> Puerto Rico 4151
A6146-4001 550 MHZ A-4025

It is possible that we were sent two bad CPUs. However, we would like to know if anyone else has experienced this type of issue while trying to add a fourth CPU on a rp5450?

Thanks John
Steven E. Protter
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Re: Adding 4th CPU to rp5450


It is possible you were sent two bad CPU's.

Though I know you can install the CPU yourself, I always liked to let HP hardware do it.

CPU installation is covered by the server documentation on http://docs.hp.com


I worked in the US in a shop that was rp5450. I would if you have time try out these supposedly bad CPU's in one of the slots that had a working one.

That will determine if its a bad CPU or this is some switch or firmware configuration that needs to be done on the system.

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Re: Adding 4th CPU to rp5450

when you say hangs, what do you mean - do you get to BCH, does the boot stop at some point during early boot - what do the system logs say from the GSP?



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Re: Adding 4th CPU to rp5450

The part# is printed on the cooling unit - but maybe you have different CPUs?

Install the 2 new units only and check.

Hope this helps!

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Re: Adding 4th CPU to rp5450

We were able to get into the GSP, but after that there is no further response. We were only able to power it off. Also, I did checked the logs and there isn't anything in there that will help.

To try only the 2 purchased CPUs is an excellent suggestion. However, I am not sure we will get another opportunity to take the system down.

Thanks John
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Re: Adding 4th CPU to rp5450

>Changed out the PSM 1 module with one that the vendor sent.

Might want to compare the PSM part numbers when you swap CPU around or maybe just the PSM is at fault and not the CPUs?