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Adding CPU in rp5470

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Cindy Huang
Occasional Advisor

Adding CPU in rp5470

Hi All,

We just bought one more CPU for our one of our rp5470 box. Can some one tell me where I can download the documentation of how to install CPU and how to check the CPU firmware on both CPUs.

Your help will be gratefully appreciated!

Cindy Huang
Michael Tully
Honored Contributor

Re: Adding CPU in rp5470

Firmware check:

# echo "selclass qualifier cpu;info;wait'infolog" | cstm

This document is what your after

Anyone for a Mutiny ?
Cindy Huang
Occasional Advisor

Re: Adding CPU in rp5470

Hi Michael,

Thanks a million for the documentation!!!

The OS on this box is HP-UX 11.11.
This is the error I get when I run the command for checking firmware.
Can you please advice me?
# echo "selclass qualifier cpu;info;wait'infolog" | cstm
Running Command File (/usr/sbin/stm/ui/config/.stmrc).

-- Information --
Support Tools Manager

Version A.41.00

Product Number B4708AA

(C) Copyright Hewlett Packard Co. 1995-2002
All Rights Reserved

Use of this program is subject to the licensing restrictions described
in "Help-->On Version". HP shall not be liable for any damages resulting
from misuse or unauthorized use of this program.

cstm>selclass qualifier cpu;info;wait'infolog
-- Updating Map --
Updating Map...
^-- Syntax error --
Unknown command: (wait'infolog)


Honored Contributor

Re: Adding CPU in rp5470

Hi cindy,


echo 'selclass qualifier cpu;info;wait;infolog' |cstm > /tmp/cpuinfo.log

more /tmp/cpuinfo.log

Hope this helps.

D Block 2
Respected Contributor

Re: Adding CPU in rp5470

hi cindy,

firmware is hardware engineer...

adding a Cpu is nice when improving capacity of Multi-Procesing..

think about solving a problem by adding a CPU procesor -- will this do the solution ?

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Cindy Huang
Occasional Advisor

Re: Adding CPU in rp5470

Thanks Sanjay!
Your command is working on the box.

Actually, we are adding 1 CPU and 4GB momory into this box. Thanks for your concerns, Tom!

Thank you all for your help!

Jeff Schussele
Honored Contributor

Re: Adding CPU in rp5470

Hi Cindy,

You don't state how many CPUs you have now, so you need to know that the rp5470 needs a PSM (Processor Support Module) for every 2 CPUs.
Therefore if you have 2 now and are adding the third you'll also need the PSM. If you have 1 or 3 now you're good to go.

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Steven E. Protter
Exalted Contributor

Re: Adding CPU in rp5470

One thing to remember is licensing.

HP's add in products, such as MC/ServiceGuard and Mirror/UX are licensed per processor for production use. Gotta get more licenses to legally continue using the products.

Those are relatively affordable. If you're running Oracle on your box its $40,000/CPU for an unlimited user production usage. The Application server for the same priv's is $20,000/CPU

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Steven E Protter
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