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An HPMC has been encountered.

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An HPMC has been encountered.

I have an rp3440-4 server with HP-UX 11.23



Last week our server started having trouble and seemed to be locking up.  The decision was made to reboot the server using the shutdown -r y 0 command.  After 20 minutes we noticed that the server had not restarted.  I tried to connect to the server and coulded so I tried to use the console to connect to the server and that didn't work and we couldn't ping either of the IP addresses.  We ended up hitting the power button and it looked like the server powered off.  After hitting the power button and waiting a few minutes I couldn't connect to the server using the console session and we couldn't ping the IP address either.  I ended up powering down the server by pushing the power button and then removed the power cables from theback of the server as well as the NIC cables.


Once I reconnected all the cables I was able to get the consol session to work.  Then I powered up the server.  Once it was up I started looking at the System Event Log and saw several errors.  It this time I am thinking that I am having a motherboard problem but cannot do any more testing because the Finance department is needing the system for the next month.


The one error that I don't understand is the Monarch error.  My server doesn't have any monarch CPU's and has never had this kind of a problem in the past.  Could I be seeing possible trouble with my motherboard?


I am attaching the file of the system  Event Log for you to look at.  Let me know if you would like anything else.


Thanks for the help.


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Re: An HPMC has been encountered.

>> A failed monarch CPU is being deconfigured.


This means a CPU failure, the monarch CPU.

Most likely this is the first core of the CPU in slot 0.

Hope this helps!

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