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I'm trying to change the speed of the SCSI controller. I've been directed towards the scsi command in the BCH menu. But I can seem to find anything command related to the BCH. help bch works help bch CO ... but it does not display any information concerning SCSI configuration. Any ideas on how to use the EFI shell to configure the speeds?
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Re: BCH vs. EFI

Hi Derek,

Try this link,

The itrc doc id is KBAN00000268.

Hope this helps.

Scot Bean
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Re: BCH vs. EFI

Since you mention EFI, this means you have an Itanium machine?

- Which model server?

- What kind of SCSI card are you using?

- What OS, Linux?

- Why do you think you need to change the speed?
Stefan Stechemesser
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Re: BCH vs. EFI


the SCSi parameters have to be set with the drvcfg command from EFI. Unfortunately drvcfg needs to know the driver and the "controller ID" of the SCSI controller. To get this you have to enter several commands:

1.) run "info io" to get an iomapystem
output is something like>
Seg Bus Dev Fnc Vendor Device Slot
# # # # ID ID # Path
--- --- --- --- ------ ------ --- -----------
00 00 01 00 0x1033 0x0035 01 Acpi(HWP0002,0)/Pci(1|0)
00 00 01 01 0x1033 0x0035 02 Acpi(HWP0002,0)/Pci(1|1)

remember the ACPI path of zour card *it appears also if zou do an ioscan with the -e option ("ioscan -fnekC ext_bus").

2.) run "devtree" to get the Controller Number(s)
output is something like:
Ctrl[0D] Acpi(HWP0002,100)
Ctrl[1B] LSI Logic Ultra320 SCSI Controller
Ctrl[1C] LSI Logic Ultra320 SCSI Controller
"1C" is in this example the Controller number of the 2nd Ctrl on a double port SCSI card.

3.) run "drvcfg" to get a list of configurable controllers and device handles (drivers).
output is something like:
Shell> drvcfg
Configurable Components
Drv[35] Ctrl[19] Lang[eng]
Drv[3F] Ctrl[1B] Lang[eng]
Drv[3F] Ctrl[1C] Lang[eng]

4.) to configure the Ctrl 1C with driver 3F run:
drvcfg -s 3f 1c

then you get in a bios like driver specific configuration utility where you can set SCSI ids, speed and several other settings.

I hope this helps ...


Ron Lawson_1
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Re: BCH vs. EFI

As this is obviously not the most user-friendly system ever invented, we are developing an EFI application that should make the process of configuring SCSI interfaces much easier. Look for it in the December '04 timeframe.