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Boot CD-ROM on HP9000

Occasional Advisor

Boot CD-ROM on HP9000

I don't have any OS installed on my HP9000 D370/2 server. How do i set the CD-ROM as 1st bootable device? Regards,
Robert-Jan Goossens_1
Honored Contributor

Re: Boot CD-ROM on HP9000

Hi Didi,

Insert the cdrom in the drive.

power on the server.

Press a key when below message is displayed om the console.

o Press any key now before the 10 seconds elapse.

You should see the following prompt:

Boot from primary boot path (Y or N)?> N (enter NO)

Boot from alternate boot path (Y or N)?>
If the alternate boot path specifies the address of the CDROM, enter "Y". If not do a search for the hardware address that you would have to boot from.

At the bootadmin menu type in the following:

sea (this will search all boot devices)
Once you find your boot device type in the following:

bo (hardware path that reports the cdrom bootdevice) e.g. :bo scsi3

Hope this helps,
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Re: Boot CD-ROM on HP9000

Thanks, Robert-Jan. I'll take your advice, when my console problem solved (see my No prompt on the console thread).
Occasional Advisor

Re: Boot CD-ROM on HP9000

Now i think i know how to solve the problem. Thanks.