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CPU is giving warning

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CPU is giving warning

I am working on 9000/800/L3000-8x server and got some error that CPU is warm may cpu fan is not working. I have tried to check fan status through GSP prompt but i am not able to enter in command menu... please help me in

1. why i am not able to enter in CM(command menu). is Firmware version old which dont support command PS command

2. is there any other command by which i can check if CPU fan is working fine.
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Re: CPU is giving warning


I don't know if you have the support tools installed, but if you have, you could run stm.


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Re: CPU is giving warning


to enter GSp just do a control b, you should be able to login and jsut do your PS command - no need for typing CM? if you were.

do you have permisions to allow you to use the gsp? you may need to reset the gsp if its not responding.

Also if you get in to the GSP, check the SS command aswell for the processor status.

we dont know if its an older version as you havent listed what you have installed?

Also there is no CPU fan in the L3000. there are 2/3 psu fans, a large front fan and rear fan and 4 io fans.

you may however have a bad platform monitor pca if everything is ok. or as you say may need the gsp firmware updating

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Re: CPU is giving warning

>2. is there any other command by which i can check if CPU fan is working fine

Please do excute the below command .

#echo â selclass qualifier cpu;info;wait;infologâ | /usr/sbin/cstm

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Re: CPU is giving warning

There is no CM (command menu) on this GSP, see

GSP> he li


==== GSP Help ============================================(Administrator)===
AC : Alert display Configuration PC : Remote Power Control
AR : Automatic System Restart config. PG : PaGing parameter setup
CA : Configure asynch/serial ports PS : Power management module Status
CL : Console Log- view console history RS : Reset System through RST signal
CO : COnsole- return to console mode SDM : Set Display Mode (hex or text)
CSP : Connect to remote Service Proc. SE : SEssion- log into the system
DC : Default Configuration SL : Show Logs (chassis code buffer)
DI : DIsconnect remote or LAN console SO : Security options & access control
EL : Enable/disable LAN access SS : System Status of proc. modules
ER : Enable/disable Remote/modem TC : Reset via Transfer of Control
HE : Display HElp for menu or command TE : TEll- send a msg. to other users
IT : Inactivity Timeout settings VFP : Virtual Front Panel display
LC : LAN configuration WHO : Display connected GSP users
LS : LAN Status XD : Diagnostics and/or Reset of GSP
MR : Modem Reset XU : Upgrade the GSP Firmware
MS : Modem Status

Just run "PS". There is no CPU fan as mentioned above.

Hope this helps!

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Re: CPU is giving warning

Try ctrl-b on the console terminal to see if you can get to the GSP>. If you can't, try reset the GSP port.

Use the GSP>SL command for error logs to view the logs for troubleshooting.