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Can't connect to GSP via tty1p0

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Can't connect to GSP via tty1p0

Hello all,

I'm running HP-UX 11 on 16 L1000 and L2000 boxes. I'm trying to connect to the GSP using the internal port. According to the GSP help I should be able to create a /dev/tty1p0 device with major and minor numbers of 1 and 0x010000 respectively and away I go. I have done this but I can't connect. kermit lets me connect to the line (set speed 9600 set line /dev/tty1p0) but I get nothing and I can't disconnect - I have to kill -9 kermit to get my prompt back. cu -l /dev/tty1p0 gives an error like:

Connect failed: Requested device/system name not known

Can anyone help?
Iain F. Brown
Valued Contributor

Re: Can't connect to GSP via tty1p0

The GSP internal port should be /dev/tty1p0.
Create the device file
#cd /dev
#mknod tty1p0 c 1 0x010000

Since this allows unrestricted access to the GSP make sure to delete this device file when you have finished using it.

/usr/lib/uucp/Systems needs the following entry:

gspiport Any;5 gspiport,f 9600 - ""\r\d\r\d\r ogin:-BREAK-ogin:
uucp asswrd: uucp-BREAK-ogin: uucp asswrd: uucp
It needs to be exactly as shown.

/usr/lib/uucp/Devices needs the following entry:

gspiport tty1p0 - 9600 direct

When all of the configuration is done, you should be able to access the GSP internal port with the cu command:
cu -l /dev/tty1p0
To terminate the cu session, use ~. [return]

Re: Can't connect to GSP via tty1p0

Thanks for that. You hit the nail on the head!

I had created the device file (as per the help output in the GSP) but didn't do the UUCP stuff (which I couldn't find documented anywhere). Once I did the UUCP stuff it worked fine.

Thanks again.

Respected Contributor

Re: Can't connect to GSP via tty1p0

After doing cu -l /dev/tty1p0

I get the Connected but it seems frozen is there anything else you need to do to setup cu so it works right?
I do see some odd responses with ~~
Also would this work on a Superdome?
Above Configuration has been setup as instructed in the post.
Malcolm MacArthur_1
Occasional Visitor

Re: Can't connect to GSP via tty1p0

I can't get it to work at all either via Kermit or 'cu'. 'cu' using either the configuration above, or the one on Geoffrey Huntley's page (http://www.geoffreyhuntley.com/tech-tips/software/unix/hpux/accessing-the-gsp-through-hp-ux/ ) both report 'Connect failed: line problem'

Kermit reports the slightly more meaningful:

/dev/tty1p0: No such device or address

# ls -l /dev/tty1p0
crw-rw-rw- 1 root sys 1 0x010000 Jan 29 20:44 /dev/tty1p0

This is on a B.11.11 system and I'm unsure of the exact GSP revision etc as it's several hundred miles away in Norway ... This all came about because I can no longer access it via the LAN... Can access the machine itself but not its GSP ... All I can tell you is it's an L class.

Anyone got any ideas please?
Malcolm MacArthur_1
Occasional Visitor

Re: Can't connect to GSP via tty1p0

Sorry - looks like I found the answer ... I guess it's B firmware then.


Don't suppose it can be downgraded...? :D