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Can't login but DNS still works

Michel Deslandes_1
Occasional Visitor

Can't login but DNS still works

Hi all,

I need some help with a HP9000 rp2430 machine (the old A-class).

I have two issues:

1) I installed the system a couple of weeks ago, as a BIND (DNS) server, but now I'm trying to log into the system to update it and can't. Telnet doesn't work and I can't even connect via the console. What's strange is that the server still answers DNS queries.
FTP doesn't work either, but pings do. Any ideas?

2) The same server; when I configured it two weeks ago, sometimes it wouldn't find the SCSI disk. It would go into the boot menu (is that the right name for it?), then I would do a "SEArch" and it would find only the CD-Rom.
After a few tries, it worked again and I managed to boot.

Any ideas there?

Is there some sort of Firmware I should install to avoid these problems?

Can someone point me to some docs I can read to help with HW diagnostics?

TIA for your help,
Bryan D. Quinn
Respected Contributor

Re: Can't login but DNS still works

Hello Mic,

Are you getting error messages when you try to connect from the console? If so, what are they?

Is the box up to date on patches?

I have had a similar problem in the past, although the system was not a DNS server. All the other symptoms were the same as what you have. My problem turned out to be that the server had hit 100% swap.

I am not sure how that would affect the ability to function as a DNS server. It might be something to look at and monitor.

Hope this helps!