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Cannot Drop to PDC on a K580

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Cannot Drop to PDC on a K580

Is there any particular setting that could prevent a K580's Console to drop to PDC via CTRL-B? Am trying to resurrrect/rebuild a K580.. Ths OS is hung, server is remote, no human there and CTRL-B does not work..

Hakuna Matata.
Steven E. Protter
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Re: Cannot Drop to PDC on a K580


Its possible the GSP card is bad.

If this is true, human intervention is required.

That alone does not explain why the machine is hung.

If the machine has a remote web console, you might see something on that. If not, human intervention is required.

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James A. Donovan
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Re: Cannot Drop to PDC on a K580

I've seen when some admin will leave a vi session open on the console so try something simple like hitting Esc-:, followed by q!

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Pedro Rubio

Re: Cannot Drop to PDC on a K580


I can imagine you are talking about dropping to Access Port using Ctrl+B, i.e, for doing a TC.

Key switch can be in 3 positions: OFF, ON and SERVICE. It must be in SERVICE POSITION to allow you to use Ctrl+B.

Of course, it is just allowed if you are in console (directly connected or through internal modem).

I hope it helps.
Patrick Wallek
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Re: Cannot Drop to PDC on a K580

The key on the K boxes is the KEY on the front of the box. In order for CTRL-B to work the key MUST be in the SERVICE position. It sounds like it almost certainly is not. It is probably in the "Run" position. If there is no one at the remote site that can turn the key, you are out of luck.

You must also be careful that they turn the key the correct direction. It is very easy to get confused on those and turn the machine "OFF" instead of to "SERVICE".