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Cannot access disks of RP7410

Rui Vilao
Regular Advisor

Cannot access disks of RP7410


I have a production system equiped with 4 HDDs. Two HDDs were never used and are not visible on the SP (no power?). From the SP I have:


HW status for rp7410 cabinet : FAILURE DETECTED

Power switch is on
Right Door is closed
Top Door is closed
Left Door is closed

Total Power Available 7200 VA
Total Power Needed 2215 VA
Power Redundancy : redundant
Power Viability : viable

Power Status
| | | | |
| Sys | | IO | |
|Bkpln|Cells|Chassis| BPS |
| | 0 1 | 0 1 | 0 1 |
Populated | * | * * | * * | * * |
Enabled | * | * * | * * | * * |
Power OK | * | * * | * | * |
Warning/Fault | | | * | * |
Attention LED | | | | |

I believe the disks have no power. Can I power-up them without affecting the production or is this a HW failure?

Any help is apreciated.

Thanks and best regards,

Rui Vilão.
"We should never stop learning"_________ rui.vilao@rocketmail.com
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Re: Cannot access disks of RP7410

This very hard to read, maybe you can attach the same message, but there are some "*" on the fault line, it's a H/W fault ...

Hope this helps!

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Re: Cannot access disks of RP7410

"HW status... FAILURE DETECTED" is a pretty strong indication that something is wrong.

If I reconstructed the power status table correctly, it seems one of your Bulk Power Supplies (BPS) shows a warning/fault indication and provides no power.

Also one of the IO Chassis power indicators is not OK and shows a warning/fault.

First diagnose the power supply problem. Maybe one of the BPSs is not even receiving power from the wall sockets for some reason. (Somebody pulled the plug? Blown fuses/tripped breakers?)

If the power problem is not external to the server, you have at least one failed BPS, maybe a failed PCI power module too. Examine the LEDs on the PCI power modules (located just below the disks). If you see anything other than green after the BPS problem is fixed, there is a problem with the PCI power modules.

Both the BPS and the PCI power module can be hot-plugged.

The fact that two of the disks are not visible might be an unrelated issue. Do you have two MP boards installed to the server? If you have just one MP, two of the disks are not accessible by design. The two SCSI controllers of the second MP are required to access the "missing" two disks. See the block diagram on page 28 of the User Guide: