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Cannot save IP MP Config on rp3440

toni osta
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Cannot save IP MP Config on rp3440

Hi ,
I have a rp3440 server ,
i want to give an IP to the management card ,
i have loged from console using a serial cable , i have chosse CM than LC , i have disabled the DHCP , he asked me to confirm ,then to reset by XD -R , at this level the DHCP is disabled ,
when i put LC , again , and choose I , S and G for ip and subnet and Gateway , i put my valuses , but it did not give me the opyion to save them , so if i Quit , it looses changes and LC give me the old values again ,
+ : inconsistent parameters is shown next to the IP , Subnet and gateway ,
so how i can save the IP config for MP ,

Thank you
Steven E. Protter
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Re: Cannot save IP MP Config on rp3440


You may need to open a hardware call. Bad hardware could prevent storage.

You could also be trying an illegal network configuration that is not consistent.

Perhaps post the ip/netmask information and someone can help you find the flaw.

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Robert-Jan Goossens
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Re: Cannot save IP MP Config on rp3440


Could you post your current configuration? with the LS command?

To disable DHCP, use the LC command.

From the LC command menu, enter D and press Enter.

Follow the instructions on the screen to change the DHCP status from Enabled to Disabled.

Enter XD -R to reset the iLO MP.

Use the LC command to enter information for the IP address, host, subnet mask, gateway parameters, and so on.

Enter XD -R to reset the iLO MP.

After the iLO MP resets, log in to the iLO MP again and enter CM at the MP:> prompt.

To confirm that DHCP is disabled and display a list of updated LAN configuration settings, enter LS.

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Re: Cannot save IP MP Config on rp3440

After modify, you get this line and question:

-> Check all LAN parameters to ensure they are correct before commit.
-> All LAN and Web connections will be dropped if you confirm the changes.

Enter Parameter(s) to revise, Y to confirm, or [Q] to Quit:

There is no option so save, but you need to confirm the changes.

Press "y"!

Hope this helps!

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Re: Cannot save IP MP Config on rp3440

Hi Toni,

Can you post a screen capture?

Have you tried disconnecting the network cables and try it again?
Maybe try setiing it using the ARP methods listed in Chapter 3?


Since it is giving inconsistent parameter messages have you verified your terminal settings to make sure no hidden/escape sequence characters are being entered by mistake?