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Cell Board Replacement Procedure

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Cell Board Replacement Procedure

I have a RP8420 server, and i need to replace the cell board ,could any one please tell me the basic procedure to replace the cellboard.I have 3 vpars running on this partition.
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Re: Cell Board Replacement Procedure

The associated nPar will have to be brought down, so you will have to bring down all of the vPars.

Once the last vPar is down, access the MP and run the RR command selecting the nPar that this cell is in. This will reset the nPar and place all of its cells into a Boot Is Blocked status.

Now, from the MP, run PE and power off that particular cell board.

The cell board can be physically removed and replaced at this time (be sure to note the LED state on the cell board indicating its power is off).

With the new board installed, run the PE command again to power on the board.

Now, and this is the kicker, the new cell must have the same firmware revisions as the other cells within the system or else the cell will not boot up.

After about 30 seconds of power on, run the command SYSREV from the MP to view the firmware revisions. If the cells FPGA PDHC, PDHC and SFW are all of the same, then you are in luck and you can proceed to boot the nPar. Use the RS command to reset all cells within the nPar and then wait for the console to activate and you can boot as normal.

If the firmware differs, hopefully its not by much and you can use DFW to copy the PDHC and SFW images to the new board. If the FPGA PDHC is different then this requires using the OSP and FW command to update the firmware.

Either way, the steps to perform the updates are a bit detailed and must be followed exactly. Important to note is that: You need to follow the instructions from the release notes for the revision that is currently installed!

If you have the ability, have HP come onsite to apply the firmware. Otherwise, determine the revision the server is at and find the Release and read carefully! Go to www.hp.com/go/bizsupport and look for Drivers and Software for the HP 9000 rp8420 server.

Good luck!

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Re: Cell Board Replacement Procedure

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