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Chassis inactive

Marco Di Ianni
Frequent Advisor

Chassis inactive

Hì to all,
my problem is this:
on "my" rp8420 are present 4 partition for 4 cell
Today, from a partition, I have this output for PARSTATUS command:

CPU Memory Use
OK/ (GB) Core On
Hardware Actual Deconf/ OK/ Cell Next Par
Location Usage Max Deconf Connected To Capable Boot Num
========== ============ ======= ========= =================== ======= ==== ===
cab0,cell0 active core 4/0/8 8.0/ 0.0 cab0,bay0,chassis0 yes yes 0
cab0,cell1 active core 4/0/8 8.0/ 0.0 cab0,bay0,chassis1 yes yes 1
cab0,cell2 active core ? ? ? ? yes 2
cab0,cell3 active core 8/0/8 16.0/ 0.0 cab8,bay0,chassis1 yes yes 3

Core Connected Par
Hardware Location Usage IO To Num
=================== ============ ==== ========== ===
cab0,bay0,chassis0 active yes cab0,cell0 0
cab0,bay0,chassis1 active yes cab0,cell1 1
cab8,bay0,chassis0 inactive ? ? 2
cab8,bay0,chassis1 active yes cab0,cell3 3

the second chassis result inactive.
The OS on 2 cell is OK, but if I try to run parstatus on 2 partition, the command don't show any output and remain to hang.

Thank to all!
Honored Contributor

Re: Chassis inactive

What does it say from VPMON prompt??
Also did you try resetting that partition and see if it comes up??

vparreset (Is that right command??)

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D Block 2
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Re: Chassis inactive

run this again:

# parstatus -V -c2

then also run this:

from the GSP menu, enter CM to access the Command Menu, then enter: PS command
to list details.. maybe you can post.

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Marco Di Ianni
Frequent Advisor

Re: Chassis inactive

The command
# parstatus -V -c2
remain to hang, without output.

from GSP->CM->PS, all display do not show any evident problem:

"HW status for rp8400 IO IOX cabinet : NO FAILURE DETECTED"

Maybe a firmware problem?

Robin Sharpe

Re: Chassis inactive

Has this been resolved? We are seeing the same problem on an rp8400 after adding a cell board... the parstatus commands hang on the partition which the new cell has joined, but they work on the other partition.

Thanks for any help,