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Connecting PowerTrust II - LR to rp5470

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Connecting PowerTrust II - LR to rp5470

I have 2 Powertrust II - LR UPS's that I want to monitor with the upsmond daemon. I want to connect one to the UPS port on the W cable and the other to a port on a J2485A 16 port RS-232 port module. I have tried the cables shipped and neither works. I utilized both cu and kermit to attempt to connect at 1200 baud. On the W cable, I tried tty0p3 and tty0p4 and neither works. Does anyone know what cable (model and pin outs) should be used for each connection?


Ken Fiedler
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Ted Buis
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Re: Connecting PowerTrust II - LR to rp5470

Have you gone into 'sam' and enabled the upsmond? That is where I have configured it.
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