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Connecting a console to a rp2405

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Don Livingston
Occasional Advisor

Connecting a console to a rp2405

I was wondering if I could connect a laptop to use for a console? I have the 3 connectors at the back; console, UPS, & remote. Do I need any special cables, or software?
Jeff Schussele
Honored Contributor

Re: Connecting a console to a rp2405

Hi Don,

You'll just need a serial null-modem cable DB-9 -> DB-9 cabled as follows
2 - 3
3 - 2
5 - 5

Then just use WinTerm that's in Winblows & set the emulation for VT-100.
Speed should be 9600 baud, 8-bit no parity
Use the connector labeled "Console"

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Trevor Roddam_1
Valued Contributor

Re: Connecting a console to a rp2405

I don't beleive that a NULL MODEM cable is required for the serial port to connect the console to another computer. A serial console yes.

You do need to set the terminal you're using, "HyperTerminal" is the default in Windoze, to 8 bit, No parity, No stop bit, 9600 BAUD.
Direct this to the relevant Com Port and plug that into the rp2405.
I've done this several times without an issue.
No special SW, make sure the power is on though.
This will effect the GSP. Power the server on by pressing the small white button beside the power port. The console should then become active and you can B into the GSP.

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