HPE 9000 and HPE e3000 Servers
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Console MAC address

Seth Clarke
Frequent Advisor

Console MAC address

Can anyone tell me how to find the MAC address of the Management/Console card when all you have is shell access through SSH. I think this would also be called the ILO. Through SAM you can see the MAC addresses of the NICs but I'm not sure which is for the console.

HP-UX B.11.31 U 9000/800
Dennis Handly
Acclaimed Contributor

Re: Console MAC address

>when all you have is shell access through SSH

I don't think you can. You have to be on the console and use MP commands.
Bill Hassell
Honored Contributor

Re: Console MAC address

The MP/Console card is a separate computer and must be setup using a real terminal. You can see the MAC address on the sticker next to the LAN connector. Otherwise, just hook up a terminal or PC with the correct serial cable. If this is remote, welcome to the club for MP/GSP goofs. The MP/GSP port is very special and absolutely required to support HP-UX, especially in a remote system. Ideally, it will not be connected to the primary network for security reasons.

Bill Hassell, sysadmin
Respected Contributor

Re: Console MAC address

Hi Seth,

I think so Ur not familiar with HP-UX platform. BTW, I have passed you HP9K pdf file for how U can configure MP/GSP card (Pls send Ur email address, because this pdf size more than 1MB). When U have successfully logging MP main menu then U execute MP> cm (cm=command menu) then MP:CM> ls (ls=lan status).

That time U see MP LAN MAC address.

Hope for the best!!!

Rgds â Yaqub
HP Support!!!
Seth Clarke
Frequent Advisor

Re: Console MAC address

I know how to do this via MP access but when you are remote and do not have console access is when I want to find out the MAC of the management port. If there is no way then I'll have to physically be there, which is what I want to avoid. Thanks