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Console locked

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Dan DeHaan

Console locked

The console terminal on my L2000 is locked up. It's a 700/96 terminal that is hardwired to the W dongle on the "Console" serial connection. All I get is a flashing cursor. I've attached the cable to a D-class and the cable and terminal work fine. But, when attaced to the L2000, nothing works. I only have a small window available to reboot the server if needed. What can I check for to unlock it?
Honored Contributor

Re: Console locked

Sounds like the usual problem with old GSP firmwares on the L-class servers: the GSP needs to be reset.

The easiest way:
Log in to the server through the network and become root.
Execute this command:
stty +resetGSP < /dev/GSPdiag1

The lights at the back of the GSP card should immediately change. Wait while the GSP goes through its internal reset cycle, then try the console again. You can do this while the OS is running.

A bigger hammer (in case the previous one did not work):

Open the server's right side panel, so that you can access the PCI card cage.
Look at the edge of the GSP card (the 2nd from the bottom). There should be two buttons near the edge of the card: one is marked "TOC" and will crash the server if pressed: the other is "GSP RESET". You'll want to press the second one.
The GSP should behave as with the software reset (above).

If you can open the side panel without disconnecting any cables, you can do this without shutting down the OS.

The biggest hammer (last chance before calling HP support for GSP replacement):

Shut down the server, disconnect all the power cables and wait for about 30 seconds before plugging them back in.

If the GSP comes alive, check its firmware version: it is visible in the very topmost line of the GSP help command (HE) response.
The first letter of the version identifier specifies the GSP hardware revision: in the L-class, it's either A or B. If A, the latest firmware is A.01.12; if B, the latest is B.02.21 and there are special instructions if you need to upgrade from a version older than B.02.15.

See my reply at the end of this thread for firmware download links:

Dan DeHaan

Re: Console locked

The stty command did it. Thanks for saving me from a headache!