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Console monitor not working

Debbie Fleith
Regular Advisor

Console monitor not working

I have a 700/96 HP console on my HP 9000 server and all it shows is a blinking cursor at the top left of the screen, and if I press enter, the cursor moves down, but I don't get any login display or anything else displayed.

Does anyone know how to get the display back?
Helen French
Honored Contributor

Re: Console monitor not working

Couple of things to try:

1) Reset the console (power cycle it)

2) Power cycle console by holding the Ctrl+D key.

3) Check terminal setting: emulation (set to hp), bits (normally 8), stop bit (1) and no parity. Or try your settings

4) Check if any process running on console is hanging (ps -aef) from another terminal session. If needed, kill that process.

5) Check physical connectivity: check cable, connectors etc. Also swap with another terminal if available.

6) Check control keys: Ctrl+C, Ctrl+D etc.
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