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Re: Console on a rp3410

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Console on a rp3410


I am totally new to HP servers(built hundreds of SUN and AIX servers) and I am trying to console into the server and I dont get anything on my screen. I am using SecureCRT(which works fine for any consoling I do for AIX or Solaris machines).

I think it might be the serial cable I am using to connect to the server, does anyone know exactly what type I need?

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Re: Console on a rp3410


rpXXXX computers have network console, called lan-console and regular serial console connection.
In order to configure lan-console, you have to connect a terminal to the serial port. Use W-connector (D-25 to 3xD9). Connect D9 marked console to serial port of your PC, change baud rate to 9600 and press ENTER. You will see GSP prompt. Use lc command for lan-console configuration. After that connect console RJ45 port to network switch/hub and go ahead.

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