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Console problems

Bruno Bossier_1
Regular Advisor

Console problems

Server : rp3440

From time to time our console hangs and the MP card is completely stuck, not even accesible via the network. Even using the MP Reset button at the back of the server does not work. The only way to fix is to physically power off/on the node.

Also, when we are in that situation and we do a shutdown/reboot of the operating system, the system does not come up. Power off/on is the only resolution.

Any ideas ?
Ludovic Derlyn
Esteemed Contributor

Re: Console problems


No idea, but i have encountered this problem on a host also.
Download script check.sh and open a call to HP (informations in check.sh are software and hardware)


Michael Steele_2
Honored Contributor

Re: Console problems

With what O/S are you accessing the MP? Windows, Linux, Novell, LDAP?

What version of MP Firmware are you using?

Do you have any login restrictions for users? Time restrictions, ip, etc.

What does the System Event Log say?

Is the attn LED lit?

Here are the MP commands:

MP Main Menu Commands
Commands are listed in the Table 5-1 and described in the following paragraphs.
MP Main Menu Command Summary
CL: Console logâ view the history of the console output
This command displays up to 60 KB of console data (about 60 pages of display in text mode) sent from the
SPU to the console path and stored for later analysis.
Console data is stored in a buffer in nonvolatile memory. By default, data is displayed from the beginning of
the buffer to end of the buffer. You can control the starting point from which the data displays and navigate
through the data.
What is displayed is an image of the console history at the time the CL command is entered. Console output
continues to be logged while this buffer is read, and nothing is lost.
CM: Command Modeâ enter command mode
This command switches the console terminal from the MP Main Menu to mirrored command interface mode.
Both access to command mode and command execution are controlled independently by user access rights. If
a command is in progress, a message is displayed warning the new user of system status.
CO: Consoleâ leave command mode and enter console mode
This command switches the console terminal from the MP Main Menu to mirrored/redirected console mode.
All mirrored data is displayed. Type either Ctrl-B, or Esc and then + to return to the MP command interface.
CSP: Connect to remote management processor over the LAN
This command enables the local or remote port user to connect over the MP LAN to another MP on the
network. The user that launches the command is given a private connection to the other MP over the LAN. To
return to the original MP, type Ctrl+] to disconnect the CSP session.
Table 5-1 MP Main Menu Commands and Descriptions
Command Description
CL View console log
CM Enter command mode
CO Select console mode
CSP Connect to another service processor
HE Display help for menu or command
SE Enter OS session
SL Show event logs
VFP Display virtual front panel
X Exit

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Re: Console problems