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Console terminal problem after reset

Tasha Bin Abu Bakar_1
Occasional Contributor

Console terminal problem after reset

Hi everyone,

I have this problem where the console terminal of our A Class server hangs. We do a reset of the GSP via the console terminal but the following message appeared after the GSP reset:


Any idea what this means? Thanks in advance
Bjoern Gothe_1
Occasional Advisor

Re: Console terminal problem after reset


I have never seen a message like this before. But I can give you some advice. Following steps are senseful:

1) Check if console terminal is connected to the correct connector on MP (GSP).

2) Reset console by switch it off - press and hold the key "d" - switch on terminal by holding "d" - release "d" ten seconds after power is back - press RETURN.

If these steps will not help, the console terminal seems to be failed. It has to be replaced.

Best regards, Bjoern Gothe
Honored Contributor

Re: Console terminal problem after reset

The message might not be at all related to the GSP. It probably comes from the terminal itself.

Many terminals have a parallel port for connecting a printer to the terminal. You could use the printer to make printouts of what's currently on the terminal screen, or you could make the terminal also print everything that is displayed on screen. Of course the latter option tends to be useless when using any sort of "full-screen" software like SAM.

There are also some terminal control codes which can be used to print things to the terminal's printer from the server. In this case the data goes to the printer instead of the terminal display. If this function is used while there is no printer connected to the terminal, the terminal may seem to "hang".

The message suggests that the terminal has received a control code saying "send the following to the printer only". The terminal has waited awhile for the printer to acknowledge ("hung"). Now the terminal has decided that the printer must be missing or otherwise non-functional and allows you to cancel the control code by pressing Shift, Control and Tab all together.
Tasha Bin Abu Bakar_1
Occasional Contributor

Re: Console terminal problem after reset

Thanks for the replies. I found out that under the terminal settings, the Print Mode was set to Auto. Upon changing it back to Normal it was OK.