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Re: Critical error on RP7420

Super Advisor

Critical error on RP7420

hi All,
I have a rp7420 with 8 processors that dumps suddenly without having any previous alarms or red leds,
but when accesssing MP console , i had the following fatal errors :
a. Alert Level 7 : fatal
no cell rendezvoused in the partition can
be the core cell

b. Alert Level 7 : fatal
an HPMC has been encountered

Does anyone have an idea about what would be the hardware problem causing sudden dumps ?

Best Regards
Valued Contributor

Re: Critical error on RP7420

Hi rue ,
Hope the core I/o can have some issue.
The indicates the partion not able to find the core capable cell.
Any how you can collect the piminfo from service menu and send it accross.

Honored Contributor

Re: Critical error on RP7420

Hi Charbel,

I think your system crashed with a HPMC (High Priority Machine Check) which has often (but not always) a hardware cause (f.e. CPU problems, Cellboard Problems, Memory or IO-problems).
It seems that after the crash, a partition was build that has no Core I/O card.
Either the Core I/O is bad, or which is more probable, your Cell 1 did not join the partition and cell 0 either has no Core I/O or else is not configured to be a Core Cell.

I would strongly suggest to open a call for HP support. The logs of the MP and the HPMC log has to be analyzed to determine the problem cause.

best regards

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Re: Critical error on RP7420

Hi Charbel,

Are you able to boot the system ? Is it possible to attach the ts99 file with latest timestamp ?


From MP :

MP:CM>sl==>e (error logs)==>d (dump)

Issue can be with the core Cell as well..only these logs can determine the exact issue.

Best Regards,