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D-Cache Parity Error & Chassis Codes

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D-Cache Parity Error & Chassis Codes

My HP-K570-SERVER crashed with ******* Unexpected HPMC. Processor HPA FFFFFFFF'FFFA2000 ******

Here's what Processor 2 hpmc reported information: "HPMC Chassis Codes = 0xcbf0 0x20b4 0x5208 0x5408 0x5508 0xcbfb"

According to the HP manual What Do The Front Panel Display Codes Mean? It says [FLT 20B2 DCache parity error in tag] Also, The following codes are used by HPMC processing.
In PIM logs, the second digit will always be 0 (i.e. 20B0), but on the Hex Display or AP, they will log the CPU number as the second digit (i.e. 22B0 for proc 2).
Here's my question????below
Can someone please tell me which processor is bad and need to be replaced...

Thx, I will remember to give out big points on this one...
Jeff Schussele
Honored Contributor

Re: D-Cache Parity Error & Chassis Codes

Hi Robert,

IF the HPMC shows a *lot* more codes for CPU 2, then chances are very high - not 100% mind you - but very high, that CPU 2 is indeed the culprit.
UNLESS - there's another CPU that nas *no* timestamp in the HPMC. That's almost a dead giveaway. When a CPU reports no timestamp to the HPMC - it was dead when the check report was composed.

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Re: D-Cache Parity Error & Chassis Codes

Thx Jeff, hope you got the points I submitted for your answering my question.

Again, Thx