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Re: D-Class 250

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D-Class 250


Can anyone tell me whether the HP-D250 server can be upgraded and whether spares would be available?

The configuration is like
Processors: 2 @ 101 MHZ
CPU-ID: 1.1d PA7200
Hardware Model: 9000/831/D250
Kernel Width Support: 32

Memory is 384 MB (64*6)

We would like to upgrade the CPU and Memory.

Please Reply.
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Re: D-Class 250

With this box, you would find it far cheaper to simply purchase a D380/390-2 on the used equipment market. D-boxes are dirt cheap. A smarter move would be to upgrade to a later box perhaps an L-box from the used equipment market. They too are reasonable although not as cheap as a D390-2.
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Re: D-Class 250

I would check with some resellers of HP equipment. I am almost certain you will be able to find RAM for it. CPU I am not so sure about.

What might be a better option for you is to look at getting a used D390 instead of upgrading your D250.

Here are 3 resellers I use fairly regularly:
STA - http://www.staweb.com
Norco - http://www.norcousa.com
Abtech Systems - http://www.abtechsys.com
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Re: D-Class 250

Max CPU -2
cannot upgrade

memory you can upgrade upto 1.5GB

check this

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Re: D-Class 250

Yeah, these are old but good servers.

Here's a couple from ebay that might interest you.


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Re: D-Class 250

I'm pretty sure the best you can do is add memory.

I would disagree with the D380-D390/2 option. Support on those machines is going away in October of 2005. Thats not a very long life cycle. If however support is not an issue, its fine.

A used L will provide you a lot of bang for your buck on the used market.

I know that D3xxx boxes can be upgraded with a system board replacement to D380's but that has the same issues I discussed earlier.

You might want to contact a trusted re-seller.

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Re: D-Class 250

You could get a D280 dual 180MHz CPU board that you could swap out with the current Dual 101MHz CPU board. Doing that would require no reloading the OS and any additional data you have on the internal drives. However, it's probably a good idea to spring for a D390, which can have up to 2 240MHz Cpus, and the D3xx series has hotplug internal drives, which can increase uptime and reliability, as well as better availability of replacement parts.

As far as the memory, The Dx70, Dx80 and D390 can have up to 3GB, using the 512MB modules.

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Re: D-Class 250

If you're still after memory, go try ebay. I picked up 6 pairs of 64MB RAM for my D class systems for only $5 per pair a week ago