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D210 - Getting Started

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D210 - Getting Started

Hi Guys,


OK I'll admit straight away that I know not a thing about this machine (aside from the fact that it's huge, weighs a lot and is most definitely not a PC) but I've ended up with a 9000 D210...and I have no idea whatsoever about it.


It appears to power up (the little LCD shows status messages, the drives have spun up, the lights on the back are on etc. etc. etc.) but while there are sockets for keyboard and mouse there's no graphics card installed so I haven't hooked it up to a monitor.


Immediate questions would therefore be:


Which graphics card(s) will fit this beast (so far I've found the A4077A)?

Any idea where I could find one?

Is it possible to use telnet to communicate via the COM port?

If so, what are the terminal settings?


Having had a hunt around the net, I can't find any sort of user manual or 'getting started' guide(s)...so has anyone git any pointers about where to start with this thing?


Any advice very much appreciated

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Re: D210 - Getting Started



 HP9000 D210 is a 32bit PA-RISC CPU "deskside server" from 1996; quite an old an heavy beast, as you have noticed...


some docs still exist on HP servers; the best source for aggregated info on old HP9000 boxes being  openpa.net :





hope this helps.


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Re: D210 - Getting Started

No idea what you want to do with this oldtimer.


However, it has probably HP-UX 10.20 or even 11.11 loaded, so take a PC, connect a null modem cable to the COM port and run putty (serial) with 9600 baud to get the console.

Hope this helps!

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Re: D210 - Getting Started

Thanks guys - the link is like gold dust and I can't believe I didn't find this while trawling the net. 


As for what I intend to do this with this beast, I've no idea...but at least I can now talk to it (I was pretty sure that Putty would do the business but good to have it confirmed and to know what settings to use).


Popped the hood last night and everything is pretty much pristine inside (surpisingly). And so nice not to see an Intel (or variant) driving the system =;)