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D370 Console Path

David Burgess
Esteemed Contributor

D370 Console Path

I have a 9000/D370. The console was set 8/0/0.0 and I was connecting via a serial cable from my pc.

I now want to got back to using the graphics console. From the output of ioscan the graphics card is

graphics 0 10/12 graph3 .....

After interrupting the boot sequence, and setting the console path to 10/12, the output is still coming out on com1.

In the information menu, io shows

10/12 2D Graphics 2 3 0

After a successful boot I can log in on the graphics screen, but it's not the console.

I assume I'm missing something after 8/12 when setting the console path.

pa con 8/12 doesn't seem enough.

I've powered it off and back on again and removed the serial cable.

Any ideas?


Robert-Jan Goossens
Honored Contributor

Re: D370 Console Path

Hi Dave,

Check this doc,


Document description: How to add a graphics card to a 9000/ 800 that supports graphics
Document id: KBRC00000114

Hope this helps,
David Burgess
Esteemed Contributor

Re: D370 Console Path


Thanks for looking. I've found the answer. It appears that the console can be set to pretty much any path and will still work as long as you don't have the service switch on the console card set to service. If you do it defaults to the serial console even if the serial lead is unplugged. This is because you can't do a control b from a graphics console. If you need to do a control b to say reset the server remotely, or unlock remote, you'd need to plug a serial cable and console in and put the switch to service mode. Then you can get on the console. This leaves the graphics console working.

Make sure you switch back to normal mode before you reboot though or you will have the serial terminal set as system console.