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D370 and A4450A graphics card


D370 and A4450A graphics card

I have several D380 and one D370 servers that I have installed A4450A Enhanced Graphics Interface Cards in. All work properly except for the one in the D370. It does not display anything until the computer is at run level 3 and the graphics login screen appears. The firmware version is 38.40. I have tried to discover if there is a firmware update that would correct this, but can not find any firmware updates at all.
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Bernhard Mueller
Honored Contributor

Re: D370 and A4450A graphics card


you should be able to download PDC 42.11 from


however I doubt that this is the culprit.
Since you have other systems with that card I assume you what to do.

Still you may want to consult this doc

and that

for any additional hints.

Ted Buis
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Re: D370 and A4450A graphics card

Are you running the same OS on the D370 as the other systems? What you describe is typical on L-class servers with 11.0 and 11.11. The graphics driver doesn't get loaded until then, is what I had heard mentioned once. Also, there was only one slot where the graphics card was supported on the D-class, so make sure you put the card in the same slot as the others.
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