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D390 boot hangs

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D390 boot hangs


we tray to change from a D370/1 to a D390/2
with HPUX.10.20 (change the disks only). We do thist several times without problems. But today it doesnt work. The server hangs
after load the minikernel with this Messages:
-Processor 1 did not start within expected time
-Starting streams daemons
-Memmory information

With a bootdisk wiht hpux.11.11 the Server starts normaly and a exercice with stm get no errors on both CPU's.

Any Idea ????

Regards Peter
Peter Lachnitt
Stefan Stechemesser
Honored Contributor

Re: D390 boot hangs

Hi Peter,

please check if patch PHKL_12514 is installed ("Enable MP on systems faster than 214 MHz").

On MP systems that have a CPU clock rate that is greater
than 214 MHz, an integer overflow causes a timeout routine
to terminate prematurely. When this occurs, secondary
processors will not startup, resulting in a system where
only one CPU runs. The kernel will print a message stating:
Processor 1 did not start in the expected time period
to the console (and kernel message buffer).

The D370 has 160 MHz PA8000 CPUs and the D390 240 MHz PA8200 CPUs.

Best regards