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DNS Bind 8.1.2

Stephanie L Davenport
Frequent Advisor

DNS Bind 8.1.2

How do I add a DNS entry to bind? My files are under /etc/named.data. If I vi these files, do I have to restart named? There is no params file in order to run hosts_to_named. Every doc I find shows how to set up domains but, not individual hosts/IPs.
Michael Steele_2
Honored Contributor

Re: DNS Bind 8.1.2

Building DNS entries

1) mkdir /etc/named.data
2) cd /etc/named.data
3) Run 'hosts_to_named', to collect information about the network, and translate the /etc/hosts file into DNS files.
4) Verify data

Debugging BIND

1) sig_named kill
2) sig_named dump
3) examine contents of dump,
vi /var/tmp/named_dump.db

Starting named with debug option

1a) named -d # (* debug level 1-10 *) (* When starting named. If you want to debug without stopping named then use
1b) sig_named +#
1c) use DNS, sendmail, nslookup, etc.
2) sig_named kill
3) examine contents of debug dump,
vi /var/tmp/named_run

Creating stats with named

1) sig_named stats
review '/var/tmp/named.stats', which will be appended to as named is running.

To restart named
sig_named restart





Also refer to

named-checkconf(1) - named configuration file syntax checking tool
named-checkzone(1) - zone validity checking tool
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Michael Steele_2
Honored Contributor

Re: DNS Bind 8.1.2

Here's the link to sig_named.

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Stephanie L Davenport
Frequent Advisor

Re: DNS Bind 8.1.2

Thanks for all the help. I found out from the previous admin that she added all the information manually to the /etc/hosts file and the data files. Then, she just restarted the service. I guess that if it works... you just go with it. :)