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Deactivate processor on RP3440

dave daniels_2
Valued Contributor

Deactivate processor on RP3440

Does anyone know if it is possible to deactivate one processor(half dual core) on a RP3440 2way. HP states that is supports an RP3440 1way. Just don't know how to do it after the fact.
Thanks for any help.
Andrew Merritt_2
Honored Contributor

Re: Deactivate processor on RP3440

There is an entry level rp3410, which can be 1- or 2-way, and which can be upgraded to an rp3440. I don't believe that you can downgrade an rp3440 to an rp3410.

There may be a software solution to disable one of the CPUs, e.g. iCOD or STM.

Why do you want to not use something you've paid for?

Andrew Rutter
Honored Contributor

Re: Deactivate processor on RP3440


when you have an RP3440-1 and want to upgrade it to a rp3440-2 you buy a lic/codeword to activate the second cpu. I dont think this can be reversed.
however, you should be able to de-configure the processor if you dont want to use it.

reboot the server and stop it from booting at PDC
go into the configuration menu "co"
and there should be an option to deconfigure the processor.