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Define Core I/O

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Define Core I/O

What is the definition of core I/O?
Wtat are the components in core I/O, like lan port, MP etc.
A. Clay Stephenson
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Re: Define Core I/O

There is no rigorous definition as it means somewhat different things on different models. On some models there is literally a separate board labeled "Core I/O" so whatever is on that card is, by definition, Core I/O. In other cases, the core i/o functions are integrated with the systemboard. In general, it means those I/O capabilities/ports that are included with the base system as opposed to optional i/o boards.
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Re: Define Core I/O

On most servers the core I/O card is a special card containing a LAN device and a console device. But it depends on the specific model - they are all different ...

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Re: Define Core I/O

Core I/O is basically that : Core

the minimum needs to systems to come up.

What is the minimum. 1 x Serial for standard output, input and error.

Mosts systems have this separate and include GSP/MP with it, and a LAN / SCSI. Hence Core Input / Output