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Differences between L3000 and rp5470

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Differences between L3000 and rp5470

Could you please help. I'm working on a project to replace hardware that is going out of support. The L3000 is supported until 30th Sept 2007 but the rp5470 is supported until 30th October 2010. If I run model against each server they both return L3000. Is there a way within the OS to see which one's which ?
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Re: Differences between L3000 and rp5470

rp5470 is just the new name for the L3000. Support may depend on product version (ie A6144A or A6144B). Find this information on the system label on the front cover.

Hope this helps!

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Re: Differences between L3000 and rp5470

To find out remotely:

Use STM diagnostics (mstm or xstm) to find out the part number of the system board. When you know that, go to http://partsurfer.hp.com and search for that part number.

Partsurfer will tell you whether that backplane belongs to L3000 (= old backplane version) or rp5470 (= new backplane version). Looks like the L3000 backplane part number is A6144-?????, but rp5470 backplane is A6797-?????.

The change might be related to dual-core and/or >750MHz CPU compatibility or something like that, I think...