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Re: Disks for N4000-36

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Disks for N4000-36

I have a N4000 with 2 - ST39102LC one wnet bad and the only spares I have are ST39103LC can I use this in conjucntion with the other above?

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Re: Disks for N4000-36


if you compare the hp spare part numbers of the disks they are most likely the same (A5505-69003). Both disks are 9.1GB 10k rpm. Since both disks have the same hp product number, you can use it.

Hope this helps!

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Re: Disks for N4000-36

try access to this partsurfer site :

if both the parts are found in the part list for N4000 server, then it can be used.
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Re: Disks for N4000-36

i checked out all the disk parts for N4000 from :


it appeared to me that the part for 9GB disk is :

A5505-69003, 9GB hot-plug Ultra SCSI Low Voltage Differential (LVD) SCA hard drive - 7,200 RPM, low profile (Seagate ST39102LC)

can't find any ST39103LC though. however if you can confirm your part is A5505-69003, it definitely can be used.