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Dual-Core versus Single Processors

Steve Lowe (IL)
Occasional Contributor

Dual-Core versus Single Processors

We are evaluating proposals for a new server.
One vendor recommended (2) A9730A mx2 dual cores
while another vendor suggested (2) A9731A processors. Proposed system is rx4640.

Is there any documentation that lets me know the speed in terms of standard tests? So many TPM?

Steve in IL
Luk Vandenbussche
Honored Contributor

Re: Dual-Core versus Single Processors

Hi Steve,

What is your OS.
Lx doesn't run on mx2

mx2 has a clock speed op 1.1 Ghz for each CPU
Singe core CPU can have a clock speed till 1.6 Ghz
These are the the EST OLP
1 mx2 (2 CPU's on core) : 66.000
2 x Itanium2 6M : 92.000

Perhaps you can give some more info about the proposed CPU speeds
Honored Contributor

Re: Dual-Core versus Single Processors

I am not sure with Itanium dual core systems but with PARISC and Intel/AMD dual core chips - dual core performance is NOT the same as 2 separate single core CPUs in therms of performance.

This is the reason why recently Oracle relaxed its licensing for multi-core licensing. You now pay anywhere between .25 to .75 CPU per core on multi-core systems.

To the question of which is the better price/performance -- do your tests and suitability..

Hakuna Matata.
Alexander M. Ermes
Honored Contributor

Re: Dual-Core versus Single Processors

Hi there.
Depends on the server you want to buy.
If you take a small server planned for an amount of four single core or eight double core cpu's, think about it. It's all about the money. We use a RX4640 with double core cpu's.
Alexander M. Ermes
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