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E25 Console problem

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Timothy P. Jackson
Valued Contributor

E25 Console problem

Hello Everyone,

I have two E25 systems and I cannot seem to get the console to respond on either of them. I did have to upgrade the systems so that they had the 16 port mux in them. I have tried several console cables and cables between the System and the DDP-2 Cable and still absolutely no response. The attention light stays on but other than that I get no response.

I still should be able to do a B to gain access to the boot menu, shouldn't I. I am attached to port 0 on the DDP-2 panel to the serial port on a 700/96 ascii terminal.

I know this is a VERY old system so any help would be greatly appreciated.

Stefan Stechemesser
Honored Contributor

Re: E25 Console problem

cool that still these systems are used :-)

I guess you have the MUX panel:
DDP, 16 Channel 0950-2431

and the cable:

Cable, 16-port to ADP & DDP A1703-69305


What do9 you mean with "16 port MUX in them" ?

You only can use control B if the access port switch is enabled on the CPU card.

But if this has worked with your old MUX hardware, then this is still a MUX problem or you have the wrong cable.

best regards

Timothy P. Jackson
Valued Contributor

Re: E25 Console problem

Thanks for your response Stefan!

Here is the configuration of the system.

CPU card P/N A2051-66501
SCSI/PRINTER/APMUX16 card P/N A1703-60022
ADP/DDP cable P/N 5062-3100 (this goes from the card to the two DDP-2 pannels)
2ea DDP-2 Pannels P/N 5181-2085
Console Cable P/N 40242-60020
Console P/N 700/96

The light on the ADP/DDP port does not come on when everything is connnected. I am not sure if it is suppose to or not.