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E35 - need info on 'fault 2190'

Steven Bucek
Frequent Advisor

E35 - need info on 'fault 2190'

I have looked everywhere including original documentation but can't find anything pertaining to this error message, Im sure SOMEONE has seen it before. Any ideas?
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Stefan Stechemesser
Honored Contributor

Re: E35 - need info on 'fault 2190'


if you are talking about a HP9000 E35 Unix Server:

The 2xxx chassis codes are always cache related.
I could not find this chassis code in any documentation related to E-Class servers.
I could find some "TST 2190" chassis codes in other server manuals (Nova series, D-Class) which have similar PDC and CPU model and there the meaning have been 2nd level cache tests or failures.
If you get this error during the selftest, I would try to replace the CPU of this server.

best regards