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Emulex HBA?

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Emulex HBA?

Is anyone using an Emulex HBA on a PA-RISC HP-UX system? If so, which system and which HBA and driver level? Also, did you enable persistent binding on the HBA? Any problems?
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Re: Emulex HBA?

select Hewlett-Packard under "Servers", top left link.

this should hit the dspp link under hp link.

help this helps.
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Zygmunt Krawczyk
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Re: Emulex HBA?


if you use FC HBAs it is important to install most current firmware on the server.

Third party's FC adapters always cause a problems.
If you don't wish such problems, consider HP branded adapters. Drivers for HP HBAs are included in HP-UX.
The following HP adapters are works with HP servers with PCI bus:

A5158A PCI 1Gb fibre channel adapter

A6795A PCI 2Gb fibre channel adapter

A6826A PCI-X dual-channel, 2Gb fibre channel adapter

A9782A PCI-X 2Gb fibre channel and 1000Base-SX gigabit ethernet multifunction adapter

A9784A PCI-X 2Gb fibre channel and 1000Base-T gigabit ethernet multifunction adapter

See the following links: