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Enable MP/SCSI board on rp7405

Giuseppe Bertolotti
Occasional Contributor

Enable MP/SCSI board on rp7405

I've a rp7405 4 way with 2 MP/SCSI board but only the primary is active. How to enable both primary and secondary MP/SCSI board?

Andrea D'Agostino
Stefan Stechemesser
Honored Contributor

Re: Enable MP/SCSI board on rp7405

Hi Andrea,

the MP/SCSI board consists of two functions on one board. The MP (Management Processor) and the SCSI ( Core I/O) function.

1.) MP
There is only one MP active in the rp7405 (the master MP, lower one). The 2nd MP is not used.

2.) SCSI / Core IO
The SCSI function does only work if a cellboard is connected to the MP/SCSI card.
=> You need 2 cellboards if you want to use both Core IOs.

I hope this helps