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Error Code 7040

HP 3000 Error Code 7040
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Error Code 7040

Hello All,

I'm trying to revive a HP 3000 System and while switching it onm the system is Halting on 7040. Any Suggestions how to solve this problem.

thank you

Stan Sieler
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Re: Error Code 7040

Hi Mario,

Unfortunately, "Halting on 7040" isn't very informative. There are a number of kinds of "halts" one can experience, and I can't think of any that would look like that.

Can you please cut/paste the exact error text, if any? Why do I say "if any"? Some models of HP 3000 might fail to bootup in a manner that would leave little or no text displayed, usually with just a 4 digit hex code on the display (if the model has a display, or in the VFP if the model has that).

What model HP 3000 are you trying to bootup?

HP 3000 Error Code 7040
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Re: Error Code 7040

Hello Stan,

Our System is HP 3000 Series 9. The Error halts the system while starting up. from the manual the error 7040 states that the 7 is Memory , 0 is location and the 40 is not specified. I have some pics of the error to show. Can you please help me.

thank you

Stan Sieler
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Re: Error Code 7040


(BTW, there's no such computer as an HP 3000 Series 9 ...
could be a 935, 917, 918, or other three-digit number;
knowing which it is might help in providing

Let me make it more clear: what, precisely, do you
mean by "Halting on 7040". I.e., *WHERE* are you
seeing this "7040"? If it's on the console, I STRONGLY
doubt it's the only 4 characters being printed.
We need the full error message .. or a note that it's
being displayed on the hex display.

Stan Sieler
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Re: Error Code 7040

Hi...Mario emailed me photos of the computer
and the 4-digit hex display (7040 in it), and the

It appears to be an HP 3000/950 or 955 or 960
(all looked the same externally).
(The exact model number on the front appears to be slightly defaced/obscured).

I'm doing some research...


Stan Sieler
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Re: Error Code 7040


Well, we don't have the exact service manual (for 950/955/960), but based on service manuals for
prior and later models, it's highly likely that the
hex code of 7040 is complaining about memory.

I'd guess, and it's just an educated guess, that the
memory board in slot"4" is bad. I'd suggest opening
the machine (can't recall if this model's memory is
accessible from the front or from the back) ...
turn off power, pull out the board in slot 4, and try
again. If no slot is marked "4", try pulling one
memory board and re-trying. If it works, that's the
bad board. If not, replace the board and pull the next
board, until you've worked through all of the boards.

Good luck!

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Re: Error Code 7040


About Error Code 7040

MESSAGE: Driver encountered a hardware problem.

CAUSE: During a 10Base-T connect sequence on a 100VG-AnyLAN
adapter card, after resetting the PHY chip, the driver attempted to
check if the reset had finished, but encountered an error trying to read
from the generic status register on the chip (“Cause” = 32-bit status
from the call to vg_mii_read16). Most likely a powerfail has occurred.
ACTION: If a power failure has actually occurred, this error can be
ignored; the driver should recover automatically. Otherwise, the MII
bus may have failed; replace the adapter card. If the same problem
persists, see Appendix A , “Submitting a CR.”

You can also verify that in this docs:

Link for HP e3000 Error Code

Good Luck,

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