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Error in hpux 11i

Binukuttan VM_1
Frequent Advisor

Error in hpux 11i

pls tell me what does the error means

model: hp 9000 N class
HPUX 11i
output of dmesg

Line 1092 in /ux/core/kern/common/io/pa_generic_psm.c: pa_generic_psm_pdc_rtc -
unexpected PDC return value -3


melvyn burnard
Honored Contributor

Re: Error in hpux 11i

It looks like you have a problem with your Real Time Clock on the system board.
If it has recently been replaced, make sure the battery is making good contact, if not, it may be your system board has a fault
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Darrel Louis
Honored Contributor

Re: Error in hpux 11i


If you run cstm(Diagnostics) does it report any error/problem, see cmds below:
cstm> map
cstm> sel all
cstm> info wait
cstm> infolog

Did you upgrade the server to hp-ux11i?
If yes did you check for the firmware requirements?


Binukuttan VM_1
Frequent Advisor

Re: Error in hpux 11i

yes, i have done an upgrade fom 11.0 to 11i.
Is it any firmware issue