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Error on Boot HPUX

Leonard Julien
Occasional Visitor

Error on Boot HPUX

I have a problem with a HP 9000 L2000 Serveur.
we installed somes patch for oracle 10g. And many time later we have had a unexpected reboot.
Now the serveur crash during boot. The boot in single user mode also crash.

I have this error in a alert message level 3 :

0xF8E000C01100B800 00000000 0000B800 type 31 legacy PA HEX chassis-code

I looked into this forum and I find that update firmware (the firmware is this version : 40.48) to the version 43 may solve the problem.
But how install the firmware if the serveur can't boot in single user mode?
Sandy Chen
Honored Contributor

Re: Error on Boot HPUX

Hi Julien,

To install a firmware of the server, you don't have to boot the OS, but you will need a tape.

The links to download the firmware as below:


The instruction is provided in the release notes links.

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Re: Error on Boot HPUX

I think full GSP error log detail would be something like below. As you can see it says software failure. I do not see why your event alert level was 3.

CALLER ACTIVITY: B = system panic which is B of B800. I think the system dumped carsh dumps. I do not know if updating the system firmware can prevent software panic. I would suggest you will contact to HP Software Call Center if you have a support contract.

Log Entry # 14 :
DATE: 08/27/2001 TIME: 16:33:27
ALERT LEVEL: 12 = Software failure

SOURCE: 1 = processor
SOURCE DETAIL: 1 = processor general SOURCE ID: 0
PROBLEM DETAIL: 0 = no problem detail

CALLER ACTIVITY: B = system panic STATUS: 0
CALLER SUBACTIVITY: 80 = implementation dependent

0xF8E000C01100B800 00000000 0000B800 type 31 = legacy PA HEX chassis-code

0x58E008C01100B800 00006507 1B10211B type 11 = Timestamp 08/27/2001 16:33:27

Type CR for next entry, - CR for previous entry, Q CR to quit.

If you have an ODE (Offline Diagnostic) CD-ROM, it is better you will run tests to check the hardware first.
Leonard Julien
Occasional Visitor

Re: Error on Boot HPUX

In release notes i found this :

* * * * * * * * * * CREATING THE FIRMWARE UPDATE TAPE * * * * * * * *

1. Verify the checksum of the file "PF_CRHW4428.frm" using
the "cksum" command. Results of the command should be
equal to "1305044169 3369984 PF_CRHW4428.frm".

2. Use the "dd" command to copy the file "PF_CRHW4428.frm"
to tape, as follows:

dd if=PF_CRHW4428.frm of=/dev/rmt/0m bs=2k
(device path dependent)

NOTE: Blocksize (bs) must be 2k

How can I use "dd" command if i can't use my server?
Can I make a tape without this command?
Make a CDrom which contain PF_CRHW4428.frm in /dev/rmt/0m is sufficient?
But which data format?
Acclaimed Contributor

Re: Error on Boot HPUX

If your server is crashing after installing patches, try to boot the previous kernel first:

ISL>hpux /stand/vmunix.prev -is

You should be able to boot at least to single user mode now and create your tape.

Hope this helps!

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Leonard Julien
Occasional Visitor

Re: Error on Boot HPUX

I've tried with

ISL>hpux /stand/vmunix.prev -is

But it also crashed.
Any other idea to create the tape without boot HPUX?