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Error on old Web Consoles

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Pete G

Error on old Web Consoles

On all of my older HP-UX 11.00 servers, I still use the old web consoles. For some reason I constantly get the error message:

Error: Prospero access denied Cause: Maximum number of clients are connected.

everytime I try to connect to any of them. If anyone is familar with these devices I would appreciate any help in resolving the issue. I hope it's something I can do from the server without having to touch the web console itself as they are 90 miles away :)

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Re: Error on old Web Consoles

Hi Peter
is it gsp or MP that you have?

some times clients use an abortive close of their TCP connections and the other end will never close the connection.

try resetting the gsp

stty +resetGSP < /dev/GSPdiag1

it won't harm your system, it will just make the GSP reset and hopefully get your connections back


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Steven E. Protter
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Re: Error on old Web Consoles


If this is an integrated GSP, the reset command will work.

If it is an external web console, you will need to have someone on site power cycle it.

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Pete G

Re: Error on old Web Consoles

A long time has elapsed. Sorry but the problem is still persistant and irritating. I have gone to the data center several times and have reset all the consoles. It doesn't matter because I still get those errors. Sometimes I am able to connect though. Very strange. I tried resetting the GSP but that didn;t work as it's not connected to it. So any ideas on how to correct this? Is there any way to remotely clear the "maximum number of clients exceeded" problem and have these work correctly. I never had a problem with these in the past, only since relocating them to the new datacenter. I really could use some help.

Thanks, as always.