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Extend LUN disk space

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Extend LUN disk space

Hi Everyone,
I created a LUN with 200 GB. on SAN HSV110 and presented to HP-UX 11i V2 RX3600 system.
Then I created vg01 and vg01/lvol1, vg01/lvol2 and mounted file systems on lvol1 and lvol2.
Lvol2 need to be increased 300 GB. Now I increase that same LUN to 500 GB.
My question is : Can I extend the new disk space into VG01 or I have to reduce that LUN back to 200 GB. then create a new LUN with 300 GB in order to extend VG01.

Thanks all in advance.
Mike Shilladay
Esteemed Contributor

Re: Extend LUN disk space

Hi Hoang,

As far my expierience is concerned, if you need to change the size of the LUN you should backup your data, change the LUN size, and recreate the volume group and logical volumes and then reload your data. It is the safest way to proceed.

If it is live data, take two copies, just to be certain.

Hope that helps,


Re: Extend LUN disk space

Yes, I think it is only way.
Backup data, then recreate VG group.

Re: Extend LUN disk space

Or instead of doing all that you could just present a second LUN of 300GB from the EVA and then vgextend that into the volume group. That can be done online, and if you have OnlineJFS you can also extend the filesystem online as well.

Incidentally 11iv3 (11.31) does support online LUN resizing.



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Re: Extend LUN disk space

Hi Duncan,
Add a new LUN is easy way.
I will ask the SAN Admin to reduce the LUN back to original size then create onother LUN.


Re: Extend LUN disk space

Thanks Mike and Duncan for quick reply.