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FC60 status

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FC60 status

what is the hpux console command to verify the amount of installed memory on an fc60 controller?

I have installed a replacment fc60 controller in a dual controller enclosure. the existing enclosure is running fw 04000315 and bootcode 0400301. Should the replacement controller be running the same versions of firmware/bootcode? what is the weblink for these firmware updates?
Michael Steele_2
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Re: FC60 status

Have you tried STM > Expert tools to verify the amount of memory installed?

Select -all
Select Dev #

Here's an example of how to navigate Expert Tools in STM. Reviewing this example, after selecting the device, the usage of the RUN command displays errors, so I might try INFO instead of RUN.|11|12|7|2|3|2|2|2

Sometimes you have to hang onto the HP CEs before they leave.

All replacement parts are supposed to be delivered with the latest firmware version. But with a disk array communicating with other servers I would also try to stay at the same firmware version. Some server HBA's will have have problems, especially if you have different HBA's and different HBA's at various firmware levels.

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Re: FC60 status

As Michael states, STM will give info on the array. You can also run the following command:

# /opt/hparray/bin/amdsp -i
(to obtain array info)
# /opt/hparray/bin/amdsp -a
(to get all details on the array)

See man amdsp to look for more details.

On the firmware:
a) The replacement controller should copy firmware from the other one to it, thus making everything the same.
b) The latest rev that I recall is HP12 (for the controller anyway)
c) New firmware is not available to the public. HP can update it for T&M (at least for a while - these arrays are getting old).

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Andrew Rutter
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Re: FC60 status


Both controllers should be the same yes, to avoid problems. some versions only support 11.0 and some versions have problems with 11.i.
Unfortunatley not all versions are available to download and it should be done by HP CE.

use amdsp commands to check the status and info of the array
#man amdsp

or use sam, you can gather some info from here

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Re: FC60 status

Thanks to all for your answers.
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Re: FC60 status

thanks to all for your answers